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Peaceful Transitions Senior Pet Care - San Diego

Dr. Alex Doss, DVM

Dr. Doss's journey as a Veterinarian started way back in his childhood.  He loved and cherished pets from an early ago of 5 years old when a stray kitten found her way to his parents' house. He fed and cared for that kitten and watched her grow up with him well into his teenage  years.  that early experience left a sizable impression on him and a huge passion for the well being of pets that would last for a lifetime. 

Dr. Doss has been practicing Veterinary Medicine in the San Diego area since 1990.  During that period, he had gathered a wealth of experience allowing him to practice quality veterinary medicine with a compassion, competence and comprehensive care. His philosophy is designed around a "no-fear, pain-free" approach.  allowing the pet and the pet parent to have a stress free encounter and improving the results of every encounter. 

During the tenure of his 1st practice, Dr. Doss earned the prestigious award of "Practice of Excellence" August, 1997 and was honored with the inclusion in the "Who is Who" in professionals and business in 1998.  He has also written articles that have been published in professional magazines and journals.